Suzhou KEBER carry out 6S system to promote enterprise competitiveness

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The basic requirement of 6S is settle, seiton, clean, sweep, quality and security. 6S is very important to a precision machinery company. 

The essential of 6S is executive force of company culture. Focus on sense of discipline, do not fear difficulties and make ideas happen, and do the best. IF 6S can be carried out and take into practice, it will provide a good management platform for other management activities. Suzhou Keber Precision Machinery Co., Ltd pays attention to improve employees’ quality. Study the management of 6S and provide better service to customers.

6S is not independent but interrelated. Settle, seiton and sweep are concrete content, clean is institutionalization and normalization, develop good quality, obey disciplines and regulations. Security is the basic rule, respect for life and put an end to break rules. Seiton needs us to distinguish what we need and what we do not need. Keep necessity on the site and clean out the useless things, which ensure the clean of the working environment and guarantee the quality of the products. Clean is standardization and institutionalization the 3S and keep the result. Quality means we should develop a good habit of following the rules and pursue the higher level.

It seems easy to follow the rule, but actually it is difficult. And it needs endurance and perseverance. The office workers usually clean their personal belongings. For example: file cabinets, desks, corridors, reference room, doors, windows, walls and some other places. However, there are many places must to be pay attention to in the plant. The cleaning of machines, location of tool cabinet, putting of tools, clear up of finishes and cleaning of surroundings of machines. Security is the most important matter for workshop staff. There is a monitoring group on the site to supervise the execution of 6S, and take photos if there any problem. Departments will appraise through comparison to promote employees to execute 6S more efficiently. Cultivate employees’ capacity of study and self-management. It is an essential course for employee to study 6S, which can set up a good environment for their work.  

After months of the 6S management, the plant environment take a new look, rows of brand new machines arranged in the plant, and the hygienic conditions gets better than before. Tools are put on the tool rack tidily, the phenomena of looking for tools were gone for ever, which recognized by customers. Including the visitors of VW and BMW.

Through six months training, KEBER reached a new level on management and environment. On the basis of technological breakthroughs, management is improved. KEBER will constantly improve standards and provide better service for our customers.

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