The performance competition between KEBER vibration and friction machine with the imported

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Vibration welding is the process of friction welding, the welding workpieces are rubbing under the effect of pressure, and the heat makes the surface fusion. Once the molten has permeated to the deep enough area, the relative motion stop and the welding line solidify under the effect of pressure.

Material factor of vibration welding is similar with ultrasonic welding. It is more suitable for amorphous material to adopt vibration welding than semi-crystalline polymer. Circular vibration welding can link the welding size and the workpieces from welding zone to rotation axis. Linear vibration welding used in the workpieces of one direction vibration. If the whole surface is smooth or bend a little bit, which is the best condition of vibration welding technique.

The origin of the FW911 vibration and friction machine

Nowadays, there is a phenomenon of imitation among the domestic advanced technologies in the various industries. It can be explained as using for reference, but actually, it is copy. Many industries are reject to discuss the problem, so it is rare to see KEBER dare to show equipment performance parameters to compare with BRANSON. However, it is unfaithful if you doubt FW-911 was copied from BRANSON, how can a private enterprise get the American technique? In fact, KEBER studied carefully and drew a conclusion in the process of using VW6 equipment for a long time, and after obtain series data, top leaders of KEBER encouraged engineers to manufacture a product which can surpass the American product in the aspects of performance and size. That is the origin of the FW-911.

operating principle

Vibration and friction welding is based on the principle of vibration and friction. When two plastic weldments are compacted tightly, vibrate one of them and make the other one do reciprocating motion displacement, the maximum of displacement value is 1.8mm, the distance between peak and peak named amplitude, and the vibration frequency is 240 hertz, which lead to friction heat.

In order to meet the requirements of customers’, KEBER researched and developed the FW-951 series, the weight of drive fixture is about 70KG, and the size of welding products can reach 1000*400mm. FW-951 has been sold on Aug 1st 2015.

industry pioneers

As a domestic advanced automation manufacturing enterprise, KEBER has always focus on scientific research innovation, meeting the standards of customers’. And make the development of domestic manufacturing better.

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