The applications and functions of ultrasonic plastic welder used in the daily life

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As we all know, sound happens when object vibrating. Frequency was defined as the times of vibration per second by the scientists and the unit is hertz. Our human beings can hear the sound frequency from 20 to 20,000 hertz. When the frequency of sound wave greater than 20,000 or less than 20 hertz, we can not catch them. Therefore, the frequency which is greater than 20,000 hertz is defined as ultrasonic wave. Usually, the ultrasonic wave applied in the medical diagnosis is about 1 to 5 hertz. The characteristics of ultrasonic wave is strong sense of direction, strong penetrating power, easy to get the concentrated sound energy and can diffuse a long distance in the water, etc. Ultrasonic wave can be used to measure velocity and distance, clean, weld and break stone. And it also widely applied in the field of medical science, military, manufacture and agricultural.

Theoretical research shows that under the condition of same amplitude, the vibration energy of an object is proportional to the frequency. When transmit in the medium, the frequency of the medium point is high and energy is strong. In the dry winter in the northern China, if put the ultrasonic in the bottle, the drastic vibration will transform the water into fogdrop. And then blow them to the room, which can increase the air humidity in the room. This is the principle of ultrasonic humidifier. It is difficult for patients of pharyngitis and trachitis to flow of blood, however, taking advantage of humidifier to atomization the soup, which helps the patients easily to inhalation and improve curative effect. The energy of ultrasonic wave can also smash the calculus through drastic vibration, which can ease suffering and cure.

Nowadays, with the development of society, ultrasonic has played an important role in the field of plastic welding and applied in various industries, which earns highly recognition.

Compared with traditional techniques, ultrasonic plastic welding machine has the following advantages:

1. fast and accurate----the vast majority of ultrasonic welding can done within 0.1 to 0.5 sec

2. stable quality----mechanized production, the quality of products is stable and reliable

3. economical and practical----fixture and adhesive free, reduce manual work and cost

4. beautiful and clean----the surface form is good and no damage or deformation, there is no trial of scratch or adhesive

5. Concise process----preheat free

6. Handel easily----it is convenient to operate after the setting of welding parameter

7. High strength and good airtight----the welding composition is same as base metal, which is high strength, good airtight and watertight

8. Realize the automatic welding----it is very easy for 15K ultrasonic plastic welding machine to realize automation

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