The welding function of ultrasonic welding machine

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Ultrasonic welding: take advantage of high frequency horn of ultrasonic wave, which can make the adjoining planes of plastics friction and reach fusion bonding in an instant, and can also reach the result of watertight and airtight.

Ultrasonic riveting: take advantage of high frequency horn of ultrasonic wave to press the

culm top of the plastic products, making it heating and fusion to the shape of rivet in an instant, and the metal articles will be fixed by the rivet.

Ultrasonic heeling-in: take advantage of high frequency sonic vibration of ultrasonic wave and transmission of horn and appropriate pressure, which can squeeze the metal components into reserved plastic hole and fix it in the setting depth. It can be compared favourably with traditional mode way of production in the aspects of strength of tension and torsion, and can avoid the disadvantages of injection slowly and damaged.

Ultrasonic spot welding: restricted by the condition of welding materials, it can not be set up fuse wire when weld two piece of plastic. But ultrasonic spot welding can solve the problem. The principle is to take advantage of ultrasonic wave to transmit to the front of welding head, from the upper plate through to the lower plate, and can reach the result of fusion and improve work efficiency.

Ultrasonic excision: take advantage of high frequency of welding head of ultrasonic wave to remove the sharp rough selvedge of plastic parts and entry portal, which can make the plastic materials separate from the injection track in an instant. This way of production not only save the process of manual remove, but also make the plastic articles smooth and beautiful. There are some materials suitable for ultrasonic excision, such as ABS, PS, acryl, plastic steel, etc. However, ultrasonic excision do not suitable for the plastic which are too soft or too whippy.

Ultrasonic forming: similar with ultrasonic riveting. Pressing the dished welding head on the outer ring of the plastic, welding the plastic by high frequency of friction and then covered on the metal articles, which can fix it. The appearance of the finished products are smooth and beautiful, using widely in the field of electronics, shaped of the trumpet, fixation of the cosmetics mirror, etc.

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