advantages and disadvantages of ultrasonic welding machine

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Overlapping both sides of the welding objects and after the ultrasonic vibration, the object will be jointed to be the solid state. And the joint part won’t have the defects of cast structure.

Compared with electric resistance welding, ultrasonic welding has many advantages. First, the service lift of tool is long. Second, the time of changing and refitting tool is short. And the last is easy to realize automation.

Ultrasonic welding can apply in the same or different kind of metal, and compared with electro gas welding, it can save lots of energy.

Compared with other welding methods, the requirement of ultrasonic welding is not tough, and proportion of deflection is under 10%, but the deflection of cold welding might get to 40%-90%.

Ultrasonic welding do not need the help of scaling powder, metallic packing, external heating and other external factors.

Ultrasonic welding can make the reduction of temperature effect maximize, which will not change the metal structure, therefore, it is suitable for applying in the field of electronic welding.


High strength of fusion, almost cool grinding, workpiece will not fire, non-oxidation trail, good electrical conductivity, low electrical resistivity, almost close to zero, there is few requirements to the welding face, ultrasonic welding can use in both oxydic or galvanized metal materials. The welding time is short, do not require any scaling powder, gas and solder. It is safe to use ultrasonic welding and will not produce spark.

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