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Double robotic ultrasonic welding equipment

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Due to the high requirement of automotive interior parts, many automotive manufacturers add soft matter and cover in the automotive interior parts, such as the surfaces of IP, door panel, console, A/B/C upright and so on. When edge folding and paste of the spare cover, the traditional method is manual production, which needs abundant labor. However, KEBER can according to the requirements to provide various specifications of automatic edge folding machines. After edge folding, KEBER can adopt ultrasonic, infrared ray, and hot-air system to paste.



●Equipped with a quick tool exchange system, can change the tool quickly.

●Each robot can be installed two sets welding units at the same time, can weld different shapes of welding point.

●Use two robots two groups of ultrasonic welding system for product welding, improve the welding efficiency.

●Equipped with a turntable system,  while taking spare parts, can be completed in the process of welding,saving time.

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